Help and support the poor & respect for the elder and take care of elder positive

Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark made some free autumn activities for poverty-relief plan of nation and helping the poor work of Xi’an Bureau of Land and Resources.

The activity of Visit the park in beautiful autumn to welcome the 19th National Congress is held in Taiping Scenic Area in Oct. 21. 10,000 tickets are given to the poor families for free and the geopark offered free water and bag either.  

Cuihuashan Scenic Area made activity of the elder free climbing in the Double Ninth Festival in Oct. 28. All of more than 55 years old person can visit Cuihuashan Scenic Area free.

Wangshunshan Scenic Area and Lantian Ape Man Site are free for people from 2009, which is happy for local resident. All of the activity is useful to offer our love to society and the help to poverty-relief plan.