Beautiful Qinling Snow Light Xi’an and Global Tourism Year in China

      Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark Management Office, local TV station, Xi’an Cuihuashan Tourism Development Limited Company and Juntu Tourism Website held Xi’an Skiing Games (Chang’an station) including skiing competition and tug of war in Cuihuashan ski resort Jan. 15th for welcome beautiful China--2018 global tourism year in China,2022 the Winter Olympics in Beijing and the 14th National Games in Shaanxi Province, meanwhile the competition shows the geopark’s seasonal characteristic and promote development winter games. More than 1,000 persons attended the game.

      The geopark will pay more attention to 4 points for global tourism year in China. One is promoting geopark tourism market balance and sustainable development. The other, enriching tourism line and special tourism products to meet different tourist’ demand. Three is using professional organization, media and other platform to improve propaganda. The last one is attracting more foreigners to geopark relaying on beautiful China and beautiful Qinling.