3 Scenic Areas of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark as Juvenile Research and Exercise Educa

Qinling International Juvenile Research Campsite, Cuihuashan Scenic Area and Taiping Scenic Area have been chosen as research exercise education base by local government, and there are 62 members in the team.

Xi’an is the first batch city exercise for tourism. The geopark combine school education into the geopark from special class, place and activity. Students can enjoy different subjects in the natural environment to improve level of knowledge and research in travel. More than 350,000 persons have been accepted in the past thre years from domestic and overseas. 

Qinling Zhonganshan UNESCO Global Geopark will pay more attention to research in travel for juvenile from special geology and location in future.

Qinling International Juvenile Research in Public Campsite

 Cuihuashan Scenic Area Education in Public Exercise Base