International Field Running Competition of 2018 has been held in Qinling Zhongnanshan

Qinling International Field Running Competition of 2018 has been held in Cuihuashan Scenic Area in June 2, which is held by local government, Xi’an Tourism Group and Nanjin Aoyang PE Development Limited Company. The competition is the first international standard 100 km field competition in shaanxi Province meanwhile get integral argument of ITRA. The competition concludes 52km team and 27km team besides UTMQ which need more than 32h, and more than 1,000 persons join the activity.

The competition concludes 52km team and 27km team besides UTMQ which need more than 32h, and more than 1,000 persons join the activity.

The natural path is the main road in the competition including packway, muddy way, ravine stream, footstep and meadow, so the competitor can enjoy different feeling. Also, that’s attraction to competitor from domestics and overseas.

The starting and ending point of competition is Cuihuashan Scenic Area, which is famous for its landfall landscape. Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark has connected international competition management mode with professional management team based on special geological heritage, which is useful to increase power for geopark.