Knowing Qinling & Protecting Ecology – Education in Public Activity in Schools

Instructors of Qinling International Juvenile Campsite gave lectures about nature and Qinling to students from several schools in Huyi District. It aimed to help students increase the awareness and responsibility of protecting ecology and environment and to fulfill the idea of President Xi Jinping – “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.

The education in public activity was aimed at students of primary and middle schools. Considering the students age and education needs, the activity focused on animals and plants introduction, geology introduction and basic knowledge about wilderness survival. With this activity, students had more knowledge about nature, felt closer to nature and increased ability of practice.

Having had the colorful science exhibitions, lively and professional lectures, interesting interactions and meaningful practices, students expressed their respect and love for nature and Qinling. They said, “Qinling is our home and offers us clean water, beautiful woods, lovely animals and fresh air. We will start with small actions and protect every flower and every tree of it.”