The 15th Taiping Redbud Festival & Qinling Tourism Culture Festival Was Grandly Launched


On April 2nd 2019, “Blooming Redbuds, Meeting Taiping”- the 15th Taiping Redbud Festival & Qinling Tourism Culture Festival was grandly launched in Taiping Park of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark.

According to the 2019 spring tourism and culture arrangement for Xi’an by the government, the 15th Taiping Redbud Festival showed the charm of the UNESCO global geopark with different ways including “Image Taiping”, “Praying Tainping” and “Painting Taiping”. The festival lasts for one month and holds various events including “Redbuds, Tea and Beautiful Spring”, “Photographing Flowers and Winning Gifts”, “Collecting Flowers on WeChat and Winning Tickets” and “Painting on Stones” etc.

Making use of the powerful influence of the Festival in Shaanxi, Taiping Park put the idea of “culture and tourism mix” and “tourism +” into action to bring three pieces of good news to people:

Good News 1: Taiping Tourism Company and Xi’an Public Transportation Card Company together launched the “Redbud Festival” themed cards and issued the cards to tourists.

Good News 2: Taiping Park united South Passenger Station and West Passenger Station to first launch the through bus to the park, which will be greatly convenient for residents to travel to the park.

Good News 3: Taiping Park hired 10 ecotourism ambassadors to promote the beauty of Taiping and Qinling.

The new mode of “Tourism + Culture + Transportation” closely integrates the beauty of the geopark, the experience of tourists and the benefits of transportation. People presented all highly praised the high quality of Qinling tourism service, the beauty of Qiling and the high brand value of Qinling Toursim.