Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Management Office Inspected the Work of International Juv

The yearly research in travel of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark starts in April this year. According to statistics, about 800 to 1,500 people will come to the geopark to hold research in travel activity every day. Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Management Office led by Yang Jianping (office director) came to the International Juvenile Campsite to inspect and supervise its preparation and service work.

Director Yang first inspected the facilities and preparation work. Then he required that the campsite staff should make sufficient preparation to guarantee the education in public activity successful.

First, be a good geopark coordinator. Campsite staff should do good communication and coordination work with the schools and make proper reception plan.

Second, be a good geopark communicator. Zhuque Scenic Area should hold trainings for tour guides and get the Qinling Zhongnanshan Zhuque Museum ready in advance. The tour guides should give standardized visiting guide and guide visitors to safely visit.

Third, be a good geopark security guard. Director Yang stressed that considering most of the campsite visitors are juvenile, geopark staff should have high sense of responsibility to guarantee the personal safety, facility safety, fire safety and food safety.