“Wonderful Life Integrating Culture and Tourism” – Qinling Zhongnanshang UNESCO Global Geopark Promo

   To greet China Tourism Day, spread the geology knowledge and share the achievements of education in public of the geopark, Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark held a series of activities on May 19 2019, which integrated the theme of China Tourism Day, Red Culture, poverty alleviation and geology tourism

  The Geopark participated in the “7th Dialogue Between Qinling and Huanghe” and also visited Shangheyuan Culture Zone, a key project of alleviating poverty by industry in Zaolinping County along the Yanhuang Road. This is the first time the Geopark visited an old revolutionary base area. By coordinating with other social resources and based on the geopark community development concept, the Geopark contributes to poverty alleviation, helps local residents get rich and realizes the development of geopark community and the share of resources.

  During the activity, the Geopark staff did the live broadcast with media and tourism organizations, V-media and the media of the previous dialogue holding organizations. By this way, the Geopark strengthened the communication with others, displayed its achievements and promoted its brand influence as a world class geopark.

  At the same time, Zhuque Scenic Area hosted the “Spring in China · Beauty in Xi’an” – 2019 the Challenge of Qinling Peak, which further echoed the theme of China Tourism Day. Over 800 outdoor enthusiasts from all over China gathered in Zhuque and challenged the peak of Qinling.