Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Management Office and Shaanxi Taibaishan Toursim Manageme

      On May 22, Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Management Office was visited by Taibaishan Tourism Management Center led by Dirctor Cai Baoqi. A meeting was held for the two sides to share information on global geopark application, protection and development, and also reached preliminary consensus on further cooperation.

      In the meeting, the two sides had deep discussion on how to apply for the global geopark. Director Yang Jianping made detailed introduction on the application process, how to set up the application institution, how to prepare the application material, the construction of protection facilities for geologic relics and the global geopark standards, and also gave some suggestions on Taibaishan application. Director Cai highly praised the office’s work and expressed thanks and willingness for future interaction and management cooperation. The two sides agreed that Taibaishan and Qinling Zhongnanshan share a lot of similarities in geological relic’s nature and natural landscape, so there are the necessity and feasibility to have cooperation on geological relic’s pretection. Both sides agreed that interaction and communication should be strengthened and the global geopark cooperation platform for Shaanxi geoparks should be broadened.


Reviewing geopark material