A Multi-factors Automatic Meteorological Station Come into Service in Qinling

Recently, a multi-factors automatic meteorological station has been built in Zhuque Park in Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark. The station can monitor and record the information of air temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure and rainfall capacity etc.. Besides those routine information, the station can also monitor the negative oxygen ion, ozone, live environment and weighing rainfall capacity device which will replace manual observation of snowfall. An artificial precipitation stove has been built as well, which will serve the Qinling ecological restoration from the aspect of meteorological field.

The station will provide scientific and technological information to the protection of Qinling ecology, travel meteorology, Xihan Highway meteorology, forestry Imeteorology, geopark science popularization and scientific experiment. it will achieve the following four goals:

1. Be the meteorological demonstration site of intelligent travel of mountain landscaping of Zhuque park in Qinling.

2. Promote the infrastructure of forestry ecology, geology and landscaping, and hydrology and water resources monitoring, and achieve data share.

3.  Enrich the science popularization education of Qinling International Adolescent Camp.

4.  Co-apply and implement scientific research projects and combined projects of production, teaching and research in the level of state, province and city.

      Following the principle of resource sharing, advantages complementing, cooperating and mutually benefiting, the station has gained the strong support from Meteorological Bureau of Huyi, Xi’an University and Zhuque Park of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark. It will provide professional meteorological support to Qinling ecological environment monitoring project. The station has also gained the support from Xi’an Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (Forestry Bureau), Xi’an Ecology and Environment Bureau, Xi’an Qinling Ecological Environment Protection and Management Bureau and universities in Shaanxi Province.