Qinling Ecology, Philosophy and Politics Practice Base Are Jointly Built

To deepen the cooperation between universities and enterprises, a group of five people from Xi’an University of Art and Science visited Taiping scenic area and conducted a research on building Qinling ecology, philosophy and politics practice base in Taiping scenic area of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark. The group included Bao Feng, member of the party committee of the university, director of the publicity department of the university and dean of College of Biology and Environment Engineering, Yuan Lei, director of state-owned property and lab management department, and Zhang Xuejun, dean of College of Marxism.

The research group firstly visited the geology science museum and Xichan valley to learn about the geology, water resources and rare animals and plants resources in Taiping scenic area. Then the research group and staff from Taiping scenic area had a forum on Qinling ecology protection and how to build the practice base and reached preliminary cooperation intention. By digging the cultural connotation of Qinling, they try to explore a new pattern of practice education integrating philosophy and politics education and professional education and make students the real guards of Qinling ecology.

Xi’an University of Art and Science provides professional education in physical geography and resources and environment and in environment ecology engineering. The two majors correspond to the conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, which is also put in the first place in practice education. By doing this, they try to cultivate talents who understand ecology, draw maps, repair ecology and guard ecology. The practice base in Taiping scenic area is the second one by College of Biology and Environment Engineering and College of Marxism after that in Zhuque scenic area which also integrats philosophy education and professional education.