Qinling Zhongnanshan Geopark Lauches 4 New Geological Research-study Lines

Under the guidance of the concept of global geoparks network, Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark scientifically excavates geological cultures, forest cultures and ecological cultures. In recent years, the first Qinling Nature School in China, forest experience museum, forest experience and forest health and maintenance bases have been built in the geopark. A number of geological science popularization staff, forest commentators, forest guides, forest health and maintenance staff have been trained. He Tianhu, an official of WWF, Dr. Liu Jian, deputy editor of People's Education Press, professors of geology and botany in famous universities of Shaanxi province, and college student volunteers have been recruited to be the organizers of forest research and study activities and forest health and maintenance activities.
  Cooperating with WWF, the geopark has compiled Qinling Forest Commentator's Guide Manual, Nature Education Activities Manual, Ecological Tourism and Public Education, and Wild Panda Protection 100 Questions. In cooperation with Beijing Normal University, the geopark has compiled Commentaries for Heihe Scenic Spot of the World Geological Park, which provides scientific guidance for the study tour. Recently, on the basis of previous practice, we have developed 4 new geological research-study lines:
1. Study about the wildlife of Qinling Mountains (duration: 1 day)
Tour features: visit Qinling Nature School and learn about the wildlife knowledge and ecological value of Qinling. To understand the efforts and hardships of forest keepers to protect the ecological environment of Qinling Mountains, so as to improve the awareness of ecological environment protection; Observe nature along the ecological path, get close to the plants and animals in the forest, carry out outdoor interactive games and write ecological diaries.
2. Forest experience to know the ecology of Qinling Mountains (duration: 2 days)
On the basis of the first day, follow the park ranger to participate in the forest resource patrol an

2. Forest experience to know the ecology of Qinling Mountains (duration: 2 days)

On the basis of the first day, follow the park ranger to participate in the forest resource patrol and forest experience activities in Huligou, to feel the hardships and fun of forest protection, and to feel the beauty and magic of nature. Under the guidance of teachers, paint with leaf and make animal models in Qinling Nature School. Experience the bonfire party and write eco-notes independently.

3. Explore the original forest and experience the ecological charm of Heihe (duration: 3 days)

New knowledge points: add new knowledge on the basis of the previous two days. Visit the ruins of the ancient plank road, Heilongtan, Dragongorge, Yitien and other geological landscapes created by nature, listen to the teacher explaining the history and culture of the ancient plank road and the geological structures of Qinling mountains. Under the guidance of rangers or experts , enter the original forest in the South Taibai Mountain, explore the mysterious features of the original forest, follow the healthy footpath of Angou Forest (National fine species base of Park Pinus tabulaeformis and Larch), observe and know the differences of coniferous forests such as Pinus tabulaeformis, Larch and Huashan Pinus; cover the eyes, hug the tree, quietly touch the texture of bark and the lines of the leaves with the hands, and feel it with your body and cheeks; close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature. Take a sip from the stream by hands, and feel the sweetness of the black river; deep breathing, deep experience, feel the freshness of the air, let the vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell open, let oneself have a new experience of nature. Experience the bonfire party and write eco-notes.

4. Explore the ecology, geology, history and culture of Qinling Mountains (duration: 4 days)

New knowledge points: visit and study in the forest Experience Pavilion; know the vertical zoning of Qinling vegetation, smart plants, and the close relationship between plants and humans; watch videos of wildlife activities in Qinling Mountains taken by infrared camera in nature classroom; observe nature along the ecological path, get close to the animals and plants in the forest, and carry out outdoor interactive games; pass through Qinling Mountains, and watch the south mountains and north mountains on the boundary between the North and south of The Qinling Mountains. Learn about the geological and ecological value and historical and cultural value of Qinling Mountains. Visit Qinling’s Shangri-La in Zhouzhi Old County Village. Experience the bonfire party and write eco-notes.