The Geopark Museum and the Geopark Plaza Upgrade Meeting

In the morning of June 30th, Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Museum upgrade meeting was held in Xi 'an Resource and Planning Service Building. Yang Jianping, director of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Management Office, presided over the meeting. Wang Weiling, deputy general manager of Xi 'an Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Tourism Development Co., LTD., Chen Jianjun, vice minister of investment and development department, and New Era Design Exhibition Co., LTD participated in the upgrade meeting. Cui Jianbin, project leader of Xi 'an New Era Design Exhibition Co., Ltd. proposed some new improvements and enhancements to the design scheme based on the design ideas and schemes of 2019. This round of design focuses on meeting modern consumers demand, improving experience, focusing on education and research, recreation and leisure functions, creating four themes: Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark science research base, Xi 'an ecological tourism best destination, tourist distribution center and VIP mountaineering starting point, and forming the overall pattern of "One Museum and Two Parks & One Belt". "One Museum": based on the original theme and content of geological science popularization, this part focuses on the upgrade and reconstruction of popular science cinema, geological corridor, sand table and entrance and exit gate. "Two Parks & One Belt": this part takes the geological square, research camp, starting point of mountaineering and car camp as the target positioning, and integrates the traffic nodes and landmark landscape for the outdoor geological square area, forming the theme landscape with "fold garden, rock garden and Zhongnanshan geological landscape belt" as the core, gradually improving the IP influence of the scenic spot. After listening to the upgrade project in detail, Director Yang Jianping put forward four suggestions: first, the content of the exhibition should reflect professionalism. Second, do a good job in the preliminary feasibility research and form a scientific and rigorous feasibility study report. Third, do a good job in the exhibition positioning, developing detailed display scheme and display techniques and control the budget. Fourth, summarize experience, draw on each other's strengths and enrich the content of science popularization publicity video. Director Yang Jianping stressed that the geological museum square after the upgrade will carry more popular science value, realize the geological tourism services changing from traditional sightseeing to creative and immersive experience and the geopark museum and geopark plaza will be a place to reflect the geological characteristics and cultural characteristics of the eight scenic areas of the geopark and a place for geological and cultrual research and study and family leisure activities.