“Qinling Ecological Education Courses Teaching Practice Base” Was Officially Established in Qinling

 In order to earnestly protect Qinling ecology, innovate the geopark’s role to carry out research and education, focus on the Qinling ecological environment protection, and firmly establish the concept of “good environment brings wealth” and guided by the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech spirit, on the morning of July 10, "Qinling Ecological Education Courses Teaching Practice Base" in Taiping scenic area of Qinling UNESCO Global Geopark was officially established.

Han Jiawei, general manager of Xi 'an Tourism Group deputy and Li Zhongliang, deputy party secretary and vice president of Xi'an Institute of Arts and Science unveiled the nameplate of "Qinling Ecological Education Courses Teaching Practice Base" and signed the strategic cooperation agreement. HuangFu Ping, deputy director of Xi 'an Qinling Ecological Environment Protection Bureau, Yang Jianping, director of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Management Office,  Fang Liying, director of Shaanxi Qinling National Botanical Garden Science Popularization Center and Jiang Jianjun, chairman of Xi’an Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Toursim Development Company attended the event.

Then, they visited the geopark museum, inspected rare plants along the Chanxi valley and carried out the practice teaching education courses. They discussed the integration of the history, culture and nature of Taiping scenic area with the forest science education and fully enhanced the content of “class in nature”.

Since the establishment of "Shaanxi Provincial Research and Learning Education Base", the geopark has steadily developed research and learning tourism products, and successively received more than 10,000 students from Shandong, Henan and other provinces. Now as "Qinling Ecological Education Courses Teaching Practice Base" has been established, the geopark will also use advantaged resources to carry out the dynamic education courses, to promote the construction of Qinling ideological and political education base, to innovate ecological course, to guide students to firmly establish the concept of “good environment brings wealth”, to broaden students’ vision, to exercise practice ability and to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of ideological and political theory course. At the same time, by virtue of the discipline and specialty of the College of Biological and Environmental Engineering, the geopark will aim at the key links of the protection of rare and endangered plants in Qinling, bring green to Qinling and make our own contribution to the protection of biodiversity in Qinling. By effectively improving the research and learning products, relying on activities focusing on forests, accelerating the popularization of ecological civilization education for teenagers, promoting the construction of the national youth natural education green camp, building a high-quality research education line, and carrying out Qinling ecological education for primary and secondary schools, "Qinling Ecological Education Courses Teaching Practice Base" will be built into a national leading ideological and political comprehensive practice base with “distinct characteristics, and prominent location advantages”. The base welcomes visitors worldwide and will be an educational pearl with cultural inheritance of Qinling.