“Inherit the Ancient Good Customs Pass on the Contemporary Virtues” Ancient culture and Art Festiva

In order to further reflect the heritage of Zhongnan culture, carry forward the theme of the times, promote the "tourism +", fully display the new trend of health tourism and the integration of culture and tourism, and create a unique cultural tourism experience in Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark. On July 19, two colorful ancient culture and art festival activities opened in Zhuque scenic area and Cuihuashan scenic area of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark.

In Zhuque scenic area, the ancient culture and art festival featured tai chi invitational tournament. 17 teams of nearly 1,000 tai chi enthusiasts from 13 districts and counties of Xi’an, Zhuque scenic area, Xianyang city and Xingping city gathered in the Qinling Zhongnanshan to participate in this activity. With tai chi suits on, team members made tai chi culture shine with each move. After the selection, two teams were awarded the first prize, three teams were awarded the second prize, and five teams were awarded the third prize. The morality prize and excellent organization prize were also awarded. The activity also invited teams from Xi 'an Inspiring Art Troupe, diabolo and martial arts hall to bring the art performance. Mr. Hui Hetong, champion of Yang style Tai chi in the world Traditional Martial Arts Championship and known as the North Tai Chi prince, performed the tai chi art and pushed the atmosphere of the event to the climax.

In Cuihuashan scenic area, hundreds of gong and drum players from the community beated drums. And the dragon dance team performed the drag and lion dance with exquisite skills. On the event site, luster were added to the opening ceremony by special intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, Guanzhong wine culture, Chang’an clay sculpture, cloth wadding shoes, Chang’an incense production technology, twig weaving technology, traditional sugar blowing and painting technology, traditional paper making and other intangible cultural heritage of Chang’an characteristics. Every booth was filled with tourists. By participating in the activities, tourists felt the integration of culture, art and tourism, were inspired with the spiritual resonance with the landscape and had a more vivid, lively, three-dimensional and diversified image of the global geopark in their minds.

Culture was bred by the soil and water. In order to better inherit the ancient art and intangible cultural heritage, continuously enhance the tourism experience and participation of the geopark, and commend the special impetus of the regional cultural work of the geopark, the Chang’an District Cultural Center also awarded the Changan Intangible Cultural Inheritance Social Practice Base nameplate to Cuihuashan scenic area.