“Ideology Education Teacher Training Is Launched

Recently, 100 secretaries and headmasters and 150 excellent ideology education teachers from primary schools and middle schools in Xi’an have joined in the 10-days closed training at the “Qinling Ecology” ideology education practice base in Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark.

The training takes the forms of expert talks, researchers guiding, “famous teachers +” guiding, on-the-spot teaching, practice and ideology teachers attending one class etc. The training leads ideology teachers to follow the principles of ideological and political work, the principles of imparting knowledge and cultivating students, and the principles of student development. The training stimulates inspirations, accelerates the reformation and innovation of ideology education, and makes the ideology education up-to-date, more practical and purposeful in the process of learning, thinking, watching, performing and memorizing.

To thoroughly implement the important address made by Secretary General Xi Jinping in the forum of ideology education teachers and the important address made by Secretary General Xi Jinping in his tour to Shaanxi, “Qinling Ecology” ideology education practice base integrates the natural resources of Qinling with ideology education resources, employs principles to guide practice and improves principles by practicing. The practice base builds the education community integrating researching, radiating, setting examples and promoting. The education community is based on the excellent ideology education action, takes the integrated construction of ideology education as the aim, and takes the ideology education teacher building as the core. At the same time, the practice base focuses on the Qinling ecology, innovates the ways of education, and guides ideology teachers to be advanced culture transmitter and protect ecology. The practice base will help students set up the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, broaden their vision and improve their capability. The practice base also makes the ideology course more practical.

In the future, the practice base is going to develop the courses of “being the guard of Qinling ecology”, which will be based on Qinling ecology protection, geology, animals, plants and soil environment. The courses will have three sections which are ideology, enterprises and profession to meet the needs for ideology education of people at different ages.